I started Barstool Sports 20 years ago. I poured my entire adult life into my company. I did every job imaginable from cold calling, to delivering newspapers in my Astrovan, to shipping t-shirts from my apartment. I did whatever I could to grow the company and survive. Every penny I earned I put back into the business. It was no overnight success. It took almost a decade before I turned a profit. As I often say, I built the company brick by brick.

In 2016 I sold half the company to the Chernin Group for a valuation of 12.5 million dollars. It was the first time in my life that I actually had money in my bank account. I wanted to buy myself something to celebrate the occasion. I decided a Rolex would be my gift to myself. I spent weeks looking at watches ranging from 10k-100k. I got right up to the point of buying one, and then asked myself, "what am I doing?" I was not a watch guy, and it seemed insane to spend that much money on a status symbol. I didn’t need to prove anything to anybody. So instead, I bought myself a 1972 used yellow Bronco. (The thing is a piece of shit that constantly broke down, but it looked great.) Anyway, I thought that would be the end of my watch odyssey.

Fast forward to 2020. I was walking out of a casino and was handed a watch as a gift by a stranger. I started wearing it all the time. I reached out to the company that made the watch and told them I wanted to represent the brand. They told me I was too controversial and didn’t fit the type of person they wanted representing the company. The second I hung up the phone I decided I was going to start Brick Watch Company.

My goal was simple. I wanted to create a high quality, clean, simple watch that I would be proud of wearing. A watch for people like myself who can afford a Rolex but don’t need a status symbol on their wrist to do their talking for them. A watch with a price point reflective of its craftsmanship, not its marketing budget. A watch you can wear strolling the casual streets of Nantucket or with a suit at Saratoga. A watch for people who have earned their status through hard work as opposed to simply buying it. Hence, the phrase “always earned” is printed on every Brick Watch. I believe there is nothing more attractive than quiet confidence, and that is what Brick Watches are meant to convey.


David Portnoy

Brick Watch Foundation

To me there is nothing harder or more rewarding than being an entrepreneur. But I don't care how hard you work or how smart you are all successful small businesses need a little luck or good timing along the way. That's why Brick Watch Company will donate 20% of all proceeds to support small businesses in need of financial assistance.

I truly believe entrepreneurs and small businesses are the life blood of this country. I know how hard being a small business owner can be. There is nothing I'd love to do more than help others keep their dreams afloat.